IOS to ANDRIOD restore wont work

Hey there,
I’ve been playing episode on IOS for 5 years, so it’d be kind of a waste to lose all my prior progress and having to re-read some still updating stories.
Whenever I try to log in, even when I log in with the restore, google, facebook, whatever. It just doesn’t work.
And if I can’t transfer then I wont really read episode much anymore as i’d have to re-read most stories to get to like episode 10, 5 ,6 ,9 etc.
And lets be honest its kinda boring doing that.
Many thanks,


I don’t think it’s possible to transfer data from ios to android :thinking:


That freakin sucks

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Sorry @epiiola but @EtherealWitch is correct :crying_cat_face:. Transferring between platforms is not possible :astonished:. Sorry for any inconvenience. :peace_symbol:


How am i meant to get all my progress back :(?

You can’t get your progress back however, you can send in a stating your issue and they’ll grant you with a load of passes so you can get back on track.

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