Ipad for a 6 y.o child

Hello! My son is 6 years old, he is going to school and they said that education will be remote, so they need a tablet or laptop (they study around 4 hours each day), but I know that he won’t study, but only play. Do you think it’s reasonable?


Apple has a feature for their devices called parental controls that allow you to monitor and control what your child’s doing on the ipad. Maybe you can research more about that before you decide to buy it?
But since they’re going to be doing school remotely, I think it’s a reasonable idea to buy your child one for that purpose.


hey amber, is the school providing the equipment, or do families have to use their own? I teach, and all of my kids did remote learning at the beginning of the year on their ipads (I teach sped, but the rest of the school used chromebooks). ipads worked really well for my group because theyre really easy for my kids to navigate, and are pretty durable with a big foam case. If you’re worried about your child playing during school hours, you can set it to guided access (tripple click and set a password) so they can only be on the app (teams, zoom, etc.) that you have it set on.

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I think you can monitor what apps your son can use through parental controls! Or, you could monitor them through app lock (I think) so specific apps will be opened with a specific fingerprint or code.
Also, when choosing your iPad, don’t buy one that is higher than $650!

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oh, that’s good, thabk you. my son is too excited about a new tablet, I hope everything will be OK

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There’s feautures that you can lock apps, or you have to enter a password to download particular ones. So I think if you do that you should be all right

i don’t know but you have to unless you can help him on phone or you dont have much money to spend

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