iPhone Backgrounds! **OPEN**


I am creating IPhone Backgrounds; texting, wallpaper, calling, FaceTime, apps, etc…

I currently don’t have any examples (sorry!). But if I have time, I’m sure I can make you happy!


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I really need one!

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Do you think you can make some for me!

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Yes, sure!

What are the details?

What kind of details do you need?

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Well, what backgrounds do you need?

oh ok

texting, incoming calling, FaceTime, snapchat, instagram

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Okay, any other thing you’d like to add?

Like, what’s the name of the incoming call?

for the snapchat can you put someone posting something

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the name of the incoming call is: Austin
and the texting is: Austin

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What is the post?

a picture of a puppy

Okay! Cute…i’ll Get them done by tomorrow or after tomorrow.

thanks so much!

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First two…

so cute omg love it

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r u doing the texting yet

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