iPhone Or Samsung

Which Phone?


Fu*k samsung, I never had anything samsung there wasent trouble with.

PC abselout garbage couldnt my video games,
TV stupid as I was I lost the remote, and buttons didnt work properly on the TV, so if I tried to turn sound up or down it turn off

Tablet which I have now, has a problem where it sometimes keep closing down when tast in my code.

so yeah APPLE, even though I think what they are doing with phones selling things there should be in on the side to over price.


iPhones has better features and better products it’s better than Samsung no judgement too people that have Samsung’s And Androids

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I for sure prefer Androids, I don’t like how Apple works, yeah I have an iPad, but the way the settings work is so annoying to me.

I also never had any problem with Samsung, the amount of times I dropped my phone without screen protector and the screen is still okay, a few scratches but nothing big. As for my iPad, I dropped it once and it shattered. So my experience with it, not too good.


As long as the technology works, I’m good. I prefer Apple, though


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