IPhone Shortcut Bug

Not sure if it has happened to anyone else, but I use the shortcut in the app to get straight to a story (for those that don’t know, on IOS if you hold down the episode icon for a few seconds, all of your recent stories will appear).

When clicked on, it took me to the story and rather than saying I had 4 passes (which I did) it restarted the countdown back to 3hrs 59mins 59s.

Hopefully this get fixed soon!

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I didn’t know that existed! I’m pretty sure this is an Episode app bug though and I know that you can file a help ticket here
If that doesn’t help @Sydney_H can move it to another area that’s more appropriate and can help you better if there is one? I believe there is an Episode App Bug section.

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Moving this to Report a Bug Mobile App since this is an app issue. Please let our team know about this issue via the

link provided by BrookeTurner! :smiley:

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