Iqra's Art Contest! 💗 (DEADLINE MARCH)

Hey lovess

Wow, we’re back here with another art contest! I was trying to think of a good catchy name for this contest but… could not so yeah I’m just going to call this the Seasons Change Art contest, it goes with the theme! Okay I know this is not about it, but I went back to my first art contest from like last year December and it was um… something. Anyways, let’s talk about this contest.

So the theme is Seasons Change, and it is because seasons do change and I want you to make a seasons change inspired edit. I know this might be a little hard for an edit so I mean, we’re talking about Winter changing into Spring because before we even know it, it’s going to be spring! So basically yeah, I mean you could honestly just make a spring piece and i’d be happy but it’s all up to you!

RULES (read ALL)

  • Make an original piece, don’t go on google or go on instagram and steal an art piece because whoever actually made it would be upset knowing their hard work was taken by another person.
  • Not a big rule but, don’t rush. I know this is weird but i’m just saying take your time you have a good 2 weeks to make a great art piece!
  • If you join, please actually submit in an art piece!
  • Use the password below, or you won’t get submitted.
  • Nothing sexual
  • Only enter 2 times, You have a choice 1 time or 2 times.

Winner Prizes
There will be 2 winners and if you’re not chosen there is always next time so dw!

1st Place - Instagram shout out and 2 drawn INK character edits

2nd place - Insta shout out and 1 drawn INK character edit

I know these prizes aren’t great, but atleast I’m trying as a art contest host

SO, I think 2 weeks is a fair amount of time to make an art piece, everything you need to know is listed below :blush:

THEME: Seasons Change

DUE DATE: March 1st

Amount of Entries: 2

Password: Spring

Remember to tag people :heart:

Thank you to everyone who decided to join! :heartpulse:

My instagram: @iqra_episode


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Thank you for tagging me.


No problem :heart: the person who made this thread tried to tag you and it was the wrong tag


I’ll join if I can.
you didn’t tag me :disappointed_relieved:

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Hmm… I’ll join if I can :smile:

@Silver_Shadow i’m sorry it was late night :tired_face::joy:

@_Haruka great!


I might join this but I’m terrible at art ahah. I got a good idea of what I wanna do if I do decide to :blush:
Btw I like the theme a lot.

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I think I will join, I am new at edits though so it won’t be good :joy:

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ugh sis me too

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hahaha I just started though so mine are VERYYY bad :joy: it would be a miracle if I won this

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Yeah I did my first edit today. It was really messy but I’ll try. :grin:

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@jessy.writes and @BrookeMarie i’m sure they’ll be great! Also please don’t clog up this thread :two_hearts:


Sorry about that. By the way, there’s a password right? I couldn’t find it - I might be blind :joy:
I did Anna from frozen since frozen 2 is coming out this year. I added the white (her frozen hair) because of the transition from winter to spring.
I love me a cute wedding so I based her outfit on the wedding. :blush:
Also good luck to everyone else entering.
Sorry It’s really tiny ;-;

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It’s great @jessy.writes I forgot to add the password but it is spring

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Oh okay :joy:
Well I guess I got the password correct in a way.

Ooo thanks for the tag :slight_smile: might enter :))

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:sunny::snowflake: when you realise it’s finally summer, but you’re still rocking the winter style :sunny::snowflake:



Beautiful work @toxic.dreams! Ty for joining tag others :heartpulse:

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@toxic.dreams and @jessy.writes I love your guys’ outlines/edits but I kind of wanted to close this contest for some reasons, I feel terrible and i wanted to ask if closing it would be okay with u

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