Iqra's Christmas Art Contest!

Before I explain, I want to give credit to @Cassandra_Dean because that’s how I got the idea to do this! If you want to join her holiday contest instead of mine I get it because she is amazing!

Link to her contest:

Okay so if you still stayed here, thank u and here let me explain!

Welcome, to iqra’s annual Christmas Art Contest!!!

SO… you will make an art piece, the theme is obviously Christmas I’m doing this even though I don’t celebrate but that’s besides the point.

IF I catch you stealing someone’s art, you will be DISQUALIFIED from this art contest and probably any other contests I might do

Rules, you have to follow

  • You have to make your OWN piece. Not getting something from google or somebody else.

  • Nothing Sexual

  • Part of the theme, so if the theme is Christmas I don’t expect you to be making an edit for Halloween.

I know this isn’t as profess as other people but it’s something. I hope you decide to join and remember to have fun!!


Theme: Christmas

To enter: You have to comment and tell me

DUE DATE: December: 30th

I love you guys, have fun!



I’m entering sounds like fun.

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I’m might enter if I have time :two_hearts:

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I’ll enter if I have time!

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@Amagic yay! Have fun :revolving_hearts:

@keiji I hope you have time!

@Silver_Shadow Hope u end up joining! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


I’m entering

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That’s super cute! Ty for entering

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Lol thanks I made a sketch then colored it

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Super cutee :heart:
Ty for joining! Please tag others!



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Can we do an Episode Character edit?

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can i still enter?

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sorry i forgot to close it!!

speaking of… @Jeremy can you close this too? ty

@Sydney_H please cloese this. :wink:

You can only close this if you are the og creator of this topic :sweat_smile: @Lovelyy_Iqraa has to close it

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@jeremy can u close this topic


Closed as per Op request