Iqra's Nature Art Contest! 🌿

Amazing banner by: @rubywrites

Welcome lovess, to Iqra’s Nature themed Art Contest!

You read the title, you’ve seen the amazing banner, and now you should know. I’m hosting a nature themed art contest! I’ve been wanting to post an art contest for a very long time and I even tried but like nobody entered so that was a little unfortunate!

I was planning to this for a long time and since I finally decided to do it another great excuse for doing this contest was that I reached 300 followers on Instagram a few days ago, now I’m at 343 and even though it’s not a lot I’m super happy and grateful for it. Thank you to those who are following me, like my posts, and even just watch my story! If you are not following me my instagram is @Iqra_Episode and you can always DM me if you’re feeling down or just want to rant.

Anyways, enough of that let’s get on with contest rules! So the theme is obviously Nature. For this contest you will be making a nature themed art piece, and be creative.


  • Do NOT steal anybody’s work or use an art piece from elsewhere. I want to see your own original piece of art!
  • Don’t comment rudely on other people’s Art
  • You must use the password Nature when you say your entering or when you reveal your art piece
  • You MUST enter a piece before the deadline
  • Your art piece does NOT have to be drawn and can be edited!
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Thank you for all who may join and if you don’t join, I hope you will be a part of my next Contest! :heartpulse:



Joining! :sweat_smile::tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀

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Glad to hear! :heart:

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I will :smirk: Nature :herb:

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Glad to hear ! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I’m not sure if those tags were brought together by me, but just in case:
Tags by me (Tell me if I’m wrong)

I might join!



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I’ll try my best to join I’m about 97% sure I’ll enter and plus I’ve been wanting to a Nature themed edit for like a month!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh and uh thanks For the tag!!!

@Turtle_Cat They were, I fixed it though and hope you join :heart:

@Toxic.Dreams Glad to hear that!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@moonlight_fanatic I hope you end up joining, and thats perfect! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Omghhhhhh I’m entering for sure


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I’m so glad to hear dat! :heart:

I didn’t tag you because I thought you still were like ‘Editing is not my thing anymore’

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Nope I’m back on that train


Yayaa :heart:

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Going to try

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I’ll try to join. Nature

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@Maria.StoryWritter @Bethany1 great! :two_hearts:

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I’ll join if I have time.

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Great to hear! :heart: