Iqra's Outline Thread! *Ink* ❤


Hey guys, I’m backkk

So I’m new to this outline stuff but I have quite a few. If you were part of one of my other forums where I was practicing unfortunately i didn’t make one for everyone because i really wanted to make this forum.

_If you want an outline all you have to do is give your character details. Maybe when i’m better at this i’ll even have a google form for it. Lmao yeah that’s I hope you guys enjoy!**



If you’re not interested i’m sorry I wasted your time but if you are drop down those details.

To all the people i didn’t make a practice outline: @bethany1 @kaju @chocolate_Mama @K.w.episode @Amealia @lanafrazer_episode @Silver_Shadow

Love you guyss







Yours will be done soon!


Yours will be finished later today!


Hope u like it :heart:



Thank you. :blue_heart:


Your welcomee!