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Beautiful Banner done by: @rubywrites

Hey lovess, and welcome ALL to my art/request shop! :heartpulse:

As you read the title and have now seen the banner you know what this is, right? Anywho, this is my art shop where you can request some things! I know I’m not great at art and i’m only now getting happy with my work. Just letting you all know, I don’t have any covers but if you see my drawn edits and you’d like a drawn cover just imagine it similar. I have done many edits which is a lot of what I do but I could do splashes, covers, and edits.

My examples

So, yeah you can request, Splashes, Covers, and edits. You can also request pfps. Just letting you guys know now I don’t do custom poses. I’m really sorry!

Splash form

How many character do you want on it?
ALL character details:
What do you want written on it?:
What font and font color?:
What background do you want?:
Anything extra?:

Cover form

How many characters on it?:
ALL character details:
Author Name:
Story title:
What font and what font color?:
What background do you want?:
Anything extra?:

Pfp form

Character details:
If you want any text what font and what font color?:
Anything extra?

Character edit form

How many characters?:
ALL Character details:
Anything extra?:


  • Do NOT steal, trace, or take my work
  • you MUST credit by my instagram @iqra_episode
  • You MUST have the password Cookie when you request
  • You MUST fill out all details provided in the forms above
  • Please do NOT constantly ask me when i’ll be done, you may only ask one please

Okay, I think I covered everything! I hope people actually decide to request :heartpulse:



Hi , if you’re still doing it I would like to request cover art ?

Password: Cookie
How many characters on it? 2
ALL character details:
Name: Athena
Body: Gold 03
Brows: Arched natural scar (light brown)
Hair: Sleek ponytail (purple lilac)
Eyes: Deepest almond (violet)
Face: Diamond defined contour
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Full round pouty (dark mauve matte)

Name: Tony
Body: Gold 07
Brows: Round thin (black jet)
Hair: Messy Undercut (medium brown)
Eyes: Male generic (blue aqua)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Full Heart Natural (brown gold)

He has heavy freckles (08-10)

Author Name: Weird
Story title: Athena
What font and what font color?: Purple , the font doesn’t really matter
What background do you want?:
Anything extra?: She has a tattoos also I only need a large cover. She has a nose ring through her nose.

Here's a pic of her and him

Pose Female: Idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
Pose Male: idle_awkward_scratch_loop

Love Amira,
Thanks :purple_heart:

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Would you like for it to be drawn or edited?

Edited please.

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Okay, thank you for requesting! If you know others who need help you should tag them! :heartpulse:

Estimated time - 2-3 hours (I’ll start it later!)

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Okay cool.

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