Iqra's "Seasons change" Art contest! ✨

hello lovess

Long time no art contest, am I right? Okay I actually did a Valentine’s contest which if you joined thank you! I actually don’t know how to start this so um… yea? I actualyl didn’t know so I ended up looking at a art contest to see how it all ends up starting, and how it gets too the point :tired_face:

Okay, welcome all to my Seasons Change Art contest! This art contest really inspired of @Mashia weekly art contest, her this week theme inspired me and yeah, so I love u Mashiaa! I’ve been wanting to make this for quite some time but when your lazy, eating chips and watching pointless youtube videos… gets the best of you. Okay, okay, i’m so sorry for rambling on and on about thing you could care less about. Let’s get on with it?

Read ALL Rules!
NO stealing, you are not allowed to steal from anybody, this is not at all fair to those who actually put effort and have pride in their work and stealing it will get you attacked.

NO drama! So some people love to start drama, and when they’re in the wrong they don’t own up to things and blah blah blah. Soo I recommend not starting drama because I attack a lot and prove my point.

Only enter twice I know this isn’t something big and all but just keep it in mind, because I just you know don’t want more than 2 entries that’s all.

Be Unique, so a lot people lack being unique. So, a trick to win is being unique and making a eye-catching entry.

PASSWORDD You must add in the password with your entry or when you say “i’m joining” that way things are keot organized and I know who is joining

CHARACTER and Edit Your character cannot be idle and you must have a background in your edit.

Let’s discuss the theme really. I feel like we don’t even notice it, but soon it’s already going to be spring so I want you to make an original piece that represents “Seasons Change”. It has to represent it however you think it’s representing it. Nothing crazy, but maybe not easy.

Important things to remember

Theme: Seasons Change

Colors that HAVE to be used: Orange and green

Due date: March 1st

Password: Springtime

@Bethany1 @Jayl @appleqrl @turtle_cat @zepherine @keiji @maria.storywritter @puma @silver_shadow

Thank you so much if you take the time to join, remember to tag others well!



:3 thank youuu :heart:

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I am going to try to enter, I’ve got some art I’m working on for others right now so I’m hoping I can fit this in also. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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Okay I’m going to join, and hopefully actually submit something this time :upside_down_face: Springtime

Ooh might enter :hugs:
@anj @Cassandra_dean

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@Bethany1@ zepherine @Killerfrost
Thank you all for joining! Tag others :two_hearts:

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@bethany1 @zepherine @Killerfrost

I’m sorry i’m having to do this, but I will be getting rid of this forum. Only now, I want to make a revamped version of this forum because this I feel everything was poorly distributed. Again sorry, I will be tagging you 3 in the next version :heartpulse:

@Jeremy or @Sydney.H please close this :two_hearts::mask:


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