Iqra's Spilling Tea/Ranting forum ☕

Hey it’s me iqra

I made this forum because I know that everyone does have a life and they do have tea or just need to rant sometimes, I myself do I will rant about something that’s so stupid you won’t believe it or maybe you’ll find it interesting it’s your choice it read it. Well yes, this forum is not supposed to be about me it’s supposed to be about you guys!

By the way you guys, you can spill tea or rant about episode things or real life things.


Okay I have a best friend Kris, she and this one other boy
“Andrew” and so they are obsessed with each other, like always messing around and he is SO ANNOYING like and she’s like ew i hate him, but me and my other bestfriend Angel, are like sisss we know you guys like each other just start dating already and i’m so annoyed of this…
I know this is such a short rant, there’s more to the story honestly, if you’re that interested just dm me

Have fun spilling tea angels :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Love, iqra :heartbeat:


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