Iqra's Weekly Art Contest #1

:notes::notes: :microphone::musical_score::musical_keyboard::notes: I’m gonna call him my baby and nobody better mess with him because he is my GOOFBALL :microphone::musical_score::musical_keyboard::notes::microphone::musical_score::musical_keyboard::notes::notes:

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so we have to have atleast 3 entries? one entry doesnt count?


thanks for the tag hun❤

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Here is my entry. Don’t mind the hair. Was experimenting. :grin:


No that’s not what I meant, sorry to confuse you or others i’ll clarify, but I meant out of all of you there has to be 3 entries not from one person but from everyone all together, just so it’s fair and better to judge! hope u understand now! <3

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wow that is amazing! Ty for joining, keeping tagging others! :heart:

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ohh okay i got it

dang it! i’ll join next time! cuz i have 23 pending requests😭

Ty for the tag! And idk I might join :upside_down_face::heartpulse:


Entering! <3

Not my best but certainly not my worst! :sweat_smile:

its not even that floral lmao wth

[details=“ughhh I should just stop”]
No effects:



this is super cute! Ty for joining and please tag others! :heart:

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UM what are you talking about? Honestly that’s so good! Ty for joining and remember to tag otherss! :heart:

Thank you! I think it personally looks really bad. :sob: But again, thanks for the motivation! :sweat_smile::heart:

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Your welcome! :smile:

That’s really cute! I’m so jealous!:sob: (in the good way)
Yours is so much better than mine and I haven’t even finished it yet.:sob::sob:

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so far I have 4 entries, lmao please tag others!

Oof I dunno if I’ll make it this week contest I have enough requests I need to finish up(like two covers and fifty million edits), and I need to make an edit for someone on Instagram (it’s his birthday) but I’m probably not making it to this contest.

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I get it, tag others still lmao, and goodluck with everything! :heart: