Iris' Cover & Dress-Up Studio [OPEN]

Hi there! My name is Iris, and welcome to my cover studio! Here I will make your story cover and half cover, as well as creating outfits for a fellow creator who is stuck with that area. My only restrictions (more like artistic decisions) are that I do realistic covers 90% of the time and I only do outfits in limelight with the occasional ink style. I rarely decide to use the characters as the cover because its just bland in my opinion (No offense to anyone who does that, I just prefer to use realism) and I only do limelight because I believe it is a better style to work with. in any case, I will only do the opposing options if you don’t need either of them between 3-7 days. please be understanding!

Now for the fun part! these are the details you need to provide to me in order for me to fulfill your request. And remember, if you are not pleased with the end result please let me know within the 48 hours of receiving it!

special instructions

what the outfit is based on.
color scheme(optional)

If you have any further questions, please DM on Episode Forums for ease of communication or Instagram (Same as username)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Can you make something for me?

Bad, Bad, and Badder!

I would like her to be screaming

I would like her to be blown away

And her to be shocked

Oh oops…
Her to be blown away

sure, ill have it done within the week

check your dm’s please for the finished product