Irish Mafia help

I am currently creating an irish mafia story, but I cannot find a suitable for the mafia/gang. I am 2 chapters into it and cannot publish without the name as it is needed throughout the first few chapters.

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Maybe something with clover

I was thinking that, I’m just not sure what will make a perfect match.

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I can’t seem to think of anything

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Why dont u look up irish folktales? Im sure something will pop up

Nothing that popped up has intrigued me

You want a title for your story or you want a name for the mafia gang.!!!

What are the main themes of your story? What genera does it fall into? Who is your main character, what is his or her or their goal? Does your story have a memorable line or a consistent place it’s set in? What do you think makes your story unique?


Please dm me, i do not feel comfortable sharing that information for everybody to read.

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