Iron man vs captain america

Iron man Vs Captain America , whos’s your favourite .I know it’s a tough decision to make ,but I like Tony Stark Aka Iron Man .I like his attitude n style n intelligence ,who else is with me ??? i wanna know who is liked more , feel free to express your views!! Let’s conduct a poll n see who wins [poll type=regular public=true]


Oooh that is a hard choice but Captain America

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Captain America!!

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Captain America all the way!

Its sad he wont be continuing the Avengers Infinity War, the other part…

Iron Man xInfinity
But if I can throw in my own personal pick…Dale Keown’s Hulk would slaughter both!

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WHO r u talking about ??? And y ??

I am talking about Chris Evans, the guy who acted as Captain America, and idk why.

well ,honestly i don’t care that much coz i’m a tony stark’s fan !!With captain being gone , i guess main focus will be on tony n i guess that’s a good thing for iron man fans like me .But honestly I don’t think cap will not be there ,he’s one of the main heroes ,u know


so u r hulk’s fan ,I guess !!

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Oh okay !!

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Not really a huge Hulk fan but more of a fan of Dale Keown. I grew up reading a lot of 90’s Image comics and Dale, Todd, Jim & Rob had more controversial characters and stories that always caught my interest.

Dale just happens to work on a lot of Hulk and looks very similar to one of my favorite characters of all time, Pitt!


I love Iron Man more, too ^^

He’s funny, smart and a badass fighter :robot:

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America

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Iron Man~

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Captain America. He really shows the feeling of Unity and One Man, One Army, One Enterprise :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

Iron man, his arc is more compelling, touching, realistic, and he’s funny but you can also sympathize with him so well, he reflects our emotions a lot, while Steve Rogers comes across as stubborn a lot and yes, he’s the good guy, but he’s a little too stubborn sometimes and I feel bad for him but I just can’t relate as much or feel as bad for him or like him because of it.


Neither B).

But if I had to pick, Iron man lol.
Didn’t wanna betray my baby Thor :frowning:

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Thor’s good too !!:grin:

yeah ,we’re team tony gurl !!:grin:

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