Irritating things that people do in threads

I was bored, so I wondered what YOU guys find annoying that people do on threads. Whether it’s your own thread or annoying things you’ve observed on other threads.

Me personally, I don’t like it when people try to promote their story on a thread related to coding help :woman_facepalming:t5:.
Let me know your own opinions down below! :see_no_evil:


I really don’t like when people just randomly ask for help on a thread that has nothing to do with helping anyone, if this makes sense :see_no_evil:


Yeah girl, me too.
Well be discussing character edits the next thing I see
“I need a coder.”
Like first of all, manners please :roll_eyes:


i’ve seen millions of threads about coding help. and although most of them were complex coding and there’s no wrong in asking for help there, it’s when people ask “how do you exit a character” or “how do you spot direct” or they have a small typo in their coding and make a thread about that. there’s tutorials for a reason please go back and read them-


There’s no need to make a WHOLE thread just for people to “follow you on ig”
I’ve been seeing a lot of these ones lately. It isn’t even a follow for follow typa thing. They literally just name it follow me on ig :woman_facepalming:t5:


Idosensksjdneisj I cannot even begin to describe how much this one annoys me :expressionless:


I hate whenever I see it.
But I hate when they put the WHOLE link in the title of the thread like we can even click on it and access it :sob:


I understand that so many new people join every day but it annoys me when they don’t read the home page because it has everything they’ll need to know about the forums… One person continuously asked people for a r4r on my art thread even after I told her it’ the wrong thread and pointed her to the ‘Welcome to the forums’ thing

I completely understood how she was new but I thought she would have backed off after I said it was the wrong thing to post on

But then she created a group with me and a bunch of other people and asked us all to read her story. Some people just left, I would have too but I kinda felt bad and said I’d read her story if I had the time. Oh and someone pointed out that it seemed as though she was pressuring us to read it :confused:


Even when I first published my story, I didn’t do read for read.
This was because I’m the type of person to exit, and permanently remove the story from the app if I don’t like it. And I literally can’t read poorly directed stories as I’m just not used to doing it. So I don’t bother with r4r as I know I won’t stick to my word.

I literally explained it to this girl. Then she asked me to review her story on my thread. I was blunt and honest. She didn’t like it and pmed me and I literally spent 2 hours coding her script and sent it to her.
She revamped the story only for me to find out that she removed all my help and I basically wasted my time.
She STILL asked me for a review on her ‘improved’ story and there was no improvement.

Then she complained about me.

I’m an honest person, and I will not give false hope. :woman_shrugging:t5:


When people troll.


Oh damn… you win

They ask for an honest review then hate it when you do, you can’t win :sob:


Do NOT even get me started on that :roll_eyes: :v:t5:


I was kinda angry because you’re telling me I recoded basically you’re whole first episode
Only for you to do it exactly the way it was when you were asking me for help in the first place…


:woman_facepalming: That’s why I could never code something for someone unless we were really close because you have no idea if they’ll use it or not. Say if you read the story a few weeks later and confront them about it, you’ll be seen as petty and be told to forget what’s in the past


It’s too bad for her because her story was exactly the same as it was before I reviewed it and after I re-reviewed it :see_no_evil:


:joy: oof

If you don’t mind, I have a few pet peeves :confused: I’m gonna add them into one whole thing ~ lol feel free to not read them cuz there’s a few


Oh I’ll read it hun. :wink:


Sometimes people flag your posts for no reason I understand if it’s off topic or just rude but I don’t know why when I look at some messages in topics people flag them 🤷

I don’t mind people making threads about coding you can’t blame them they might not know who all these people on YouTube that explain coding. We were all at a point where we didn’t know how to do coding :see_no_evil: so yeah


So, is that what u think of me?

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Girl I was talking about someone I did last motnh😭