Is 14 minutes too long for a chapter?

Earlier today i timed myself playing a chapter of one of my stories and it was roughly 14 minutes and I wanted to know, is that too long? It is a first chapter of a story that I am writing ready to release when I have finished one of my active ones so I could take out the limited customisation i have at the beginning to make it shorter if I need to but there is a lot I wanted to get across in this chapter and it does come to a sort of neat conclusion of the intro of the story in that chapter so I don’t know. If anyone has any advice I would very much appreciate it, thank you :slight_smile: xx


I don’t think do. Cuz mine is 12 minutes and it has been reviewed as positive
Especially the first chapter


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I like when chapter lasts at least 15 minutes .


Okay, thanks :smiley:

The length being 10-15min is a good thing for readers that way they don’t feel like they waist passes if it is too short , I lile long chapters as long as they don’t drag too much rahter then make it shorter :heart:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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As long as it doesn’t have too much narration. 14 minutes is fine.

How did you manage to make the episode so long? Mines are like 5 minutes long (that’s why i never publish)

Mine chapters are 20-22 minutes, without too much narration.

Mine are usually 20 minutes long :eyes:

Well some of it is customisation, dressing games and narration describing the setting.

How do you get more reads on a story???