Is 20 episodes too much?!

What do you think, I have an unpublished story with 18 chapters currently done, some might be getting revamped, by the end of this month I am hoping to have published 20 chapters. Is it too much to do all at once?


I don’t think so…

That’s what I’m thinking, but my sister proposed the idea of doing it in batches.

But If I were you, I’d take my time

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Agreed, I’m hoping to revamp most of the earlier chapters.

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If you 18 unpublished chapters, that might be too much. I would publish each episode one at a time.

Thank you, perhaps 3 at a time would be better to let readers binge read. My plan is to publish lots of chapters, so I have more time to write more chapters without getting stressed.


No, I don’t think as a total, 20 episodes would be too much. However, if you revamp it, I believe it would bring readers to need to reread it over again. If you’d like to publish 20 chapters by the end of the month, that’s a great production schedule, but that I might mean under stress, the episodes may not be as good a quality as you may hope. Other than that, there is not rush in producing a chapter, as I am spending a lot of time just to start a story. It’s amazing you have all your episodes planned, but sometimes when you rethink you may see a opportune moment to put something else amazing in your story. Other than that, yes, publishing 20 chapters at once is good as it lets readers binge watch, but with all at once in a month may make the story as deep or as good as it could be.
Wait, I just reread what you said. I take back some of it.
Well, since you’re working on only 2 chapters, then one month probably is enough time to write it, and yes, then that isn’t too rushed,. However, I would also advice you to just make sure it’s at it’s best.

Sorry for all the inconvenience and this is just my opinion, so, it’s all up to you!


Thank you so much! You understand why I did it the way I did, yeah these two last chapters are going to be really hard, because I need a perfect cliff hanger to top it all off.

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Not a good idea :sweat_smile:

You should aim to publish 3-5 episodes when you start, and then every week, publish 1-2 episodes.

You may be tempted to publish it all at once but you need to go slowly.

Also, make sure you test out your story to see that everything works :wink:

P.S 20 chapters is a nice length for a story :smile:


I’ve seen story’s with 400 episodes so 20 is not a lot

No it’s seems awesome! Readers don’t have to wait at all! But u should post!


Thank you! :heart:

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No i was asking would it be too much if I published 20 all at once.

Oh u r talented like u wrote 18 episodes! wow

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Haha lol, it took a few months but you know it’s worth it.

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Oh i published chapter 4 of my story and now becoming lazy lol!

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You’re so lucky I’m still on my first episode and I’ve been working on it for about 3 months now


I don’t think that it’s too much lol :thinking:
maybe you shouldn’t put them all at once?
Maybe upload every week to keep your readers interested but still wow 20 chapters…I can’t even finish the first chapter :joy:

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Nooo, I think that’s literally perfect! When your done you better tell me so i can read it