Is 29 people too much?

Hey there! So my story has 29 people that are important. Like, I only have one MC. but there are 28 other people that you are introduced to. It’s a reality show, so there are 13 other competitors, and my Mc’s sis and 2 Bff’. there are also some other low-key important people, but I want to make sure that it’s not to many people.


29 is actually too many, but if you are comfortable with a bigger number, then sure, it can be fine, do what you want. It’s your story.


There really isn’t a limit as to how many people are too much.
it’s just that you have to be careful with how much you focus on those characters; so I would advise focusing on maybe four or five at a time maybe per chapter but that’s really up to you.
in one of my upcoming story is virtually every character matters, but there’s not focus on everyone at the same time: some of them have standalone Chapters. sorry if that’s a little messy.
My arms are tired and I did text to speech :joy::joy:


No it’s fine me too. Yes, I’m not planning to have them all in one chapter, just they are all important.

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I think it’s great! I often see stories that focus around 3/4 people because that’s just easier - you don’t need to plot as much. But putting a lot of detail into the story requires lots of characters. As long as they’re integrated properly and not as information overload (eg) I think it’ll actually improve the story!


I mean 29 people is actually kind of massive as it will kind of frustrate the readers. You could have around 2 to 3 main characters and the rest of those characters should just be an impact to one of the main characters if you understand. Like those 20 something people would play a role and have there own but relating to the MC. If you incorporate 29 MC, it will mean that there has to be some background info on them, family, friends, past, etc. And I don’t think I will be able to catch up as a reader.

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totally depends on how you do it - I think the best example of it working well was in LOST, but they dedicated almost entire episodes to each character’s background


what i mean is, there will be 29 characters who you will be introduced to and know the name of, but I’m not getting super into them. and 13 of these people are part of the reality show, and 5 will merely be mentioned.

You can make 1000 characters if you wanted, I’d just make sure you can keep up with their personalities if I was you.

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