Is a co-writer a good choice

Do you think it’s a good idea to have a co-writer for your first story or not?

I think it really depends on whether you’re wanting to work with someone who has more experience than you, or with someone who’s also figuring things out as well as if you’re thinking it might be better to write on your own and learn everything for yourself.

Some people find it’s a lot easier to work with someone who’s experienced in areas they lack in, others find it easier to do everything on their own. You might need to think about which one you’d categorize yourself to be and what you would do if you decide to co-write with someone and they don’t invest as much into your story as you do, or want to claim the story as theirs, or ghost you etc etc because those are all possibilities as with any co-written story.


I honestly think it would be better to have some writing and/or coding experience on your own before choosing to work with a partner, just because you may not have found your style yet. It’s also good to get the practice!

In my experience, working with a partner is amazing when you’re both familiar with both the Episode portal and the community, because then you’re kind of on the same playing field and the only obstacle is writing/coding itself. Though, everything depends on who your partner is.