Is A Friend Who Ignores You Even A Friend At All?

I don’t know if one of my online friends is a true friend.


It’s hard especially trying to see online but if they ignore you and they’re alllllll online then probably not.

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maybe she is just busy or not in the mod to talk.

i myself sometimes just wanna be left alone. so igonre . like my dont log out of stuff or i forget i have the tap. so sometimes it says i am online on a webside i am not on

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The last time HE responded was December 16th 2018

why do you say that?

yeah. okay he is ignoring you

He’s been active, seen the messages, but hasn’t responded. It’s REALLY not helping my self-esteeme

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Have you told him how you feel? If he is ignoring you then (I’m sorry to say it), leave him. He’s obviously not a good friend.

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Yeah, you’re right he’s not a good friend if he’s going to do this.

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Like U said to me, you’re feelings are just as important, do not let him treat you as if they are not.

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Now I know it’s time to cut this guy out of my life.


Good. You deserve better!

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Aww, thanks!
I’m glad we met!

Me too! You’re so sweet.

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So are you


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