Is a Story Good Without Choices?


I don’t really incorporate choices in my stories because I have a plan for my story, and I don’t want to incorporate choices that would make conflict with my plans. Honestly, I think a story is good without choices. A person doesn’t have to incorporate choices in their stories if they don’t want to.


You need to be your number 1 fan.

Do as you feel. You write for you first, before anyone else.


Honestly to me choices don’t matter it’s only about the plot. Do whatever you you want it’s your story anyways❤


Honestly I’ve read stories with virtually no choices or one choice per episode, and I really didn’t notice. If it’s written well, it doesn’t matter (to me).


I think a story can be good without choices, but to not include them defeats the whole purpose of the app in my opinion


I personally like choices, but a story can still be good without.


I like stories without choices, because I like to read more for the plot rather than the outcome of my actions. You won’t attract alot of readers because most people on the app like plenty-of-choices, but in the end it’s up to you.