Is any one else?

Is any one else getting kicked out of Episode App? I updated it about two hours ago and ever cents it keeps kicking me out like it well play for a few moments then kick me out!!

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When I have problems with the app I usually do one of the following: (i recommend using the 1 one as a last resort, and you can also try to contact the Episode Support Team)

~ Try uninstall the app then install it again (you might loose some progress)
~ Reset the app
~ Completely shut your phone down and turn it back down.

Thank you I’ll try the 2nd and 3rd one first hopefully one or the other well work :slight_smile:

Hopefully! Sometimes I do play for a couple weeks or days and when I go back its fine. But this is when I have problems with my app in general. Its not just for Episode kicking me out.

Ya the 2nd one worked for me its been find cents thank you!

Fr it worked? And do you mean since?

Yes sorry I’m trying to do to many things at once.