Is any one here a nerd?


I need like someone that is a genius in books/ school/ I don’t know how else to explain. I’m tired but I NEED help. And if you’re very smart ( or at least you would call your self-smart come and dm me or whatever they call it. Honestly I just need need to talk to a genius (like Spencer Reid). If you’re Spencer Reid come.


Lol I am I’m the super geek at school also @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE is the smartest person I met


Lol thx and yes. I’m a total nerd


Thanks so much. I am trying to write about a nerd, and not to be funny but. What do nerds do? Like I don’t know and I myself am not a nerd


Are you guys like Spencer Reid nerdy?


Haha. We often ramble off random facts and often know a lot about one academic field and often times more than one.


yes I am.


It’s just like I don’t. I need to write more about my nerd(graydon) and I don’t know what i’m looking for. But I should make him stick to one academic field like science or history


Ok. For history, I can help and for science I can definitely help


That’s awesome! What I’d like for him to do is teach in class. Is there any kinda school groups for smart people like you




For a science club maybe? One that your in or know?


Wdym by school groups?? Like classes?? For high school there is computer sciences or robotics and for University, we have coding courses?? But they would have to choose what coding language such as HTML which is used in most modern technology


Hmm I’m not thinking like robotics and all of that. Maybe I could do like a mathematics discussion group. Are you good at math?


Oh yes. I am.


So mathematics is a field but in highschool there are math teams.


Okay great. I was just browsing for nerdy clubs. What would you do in a math discussion group? Like do you just talk about math. My origional idea was to do a math practice group. But practice for what?


A math team would be great!


Discussion group?? You would probably discuss famous theories or such and such


Mmhmm. Math teams compete across the world depending on how well they do.