Is any writer facing the same problem/bug?

Hey everyone.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m a writer on Episode, and idk if y’all noticed there had been some changes in the website when you open it on laptop. For some awkward reason, I can’t find the stories I’ve written!
Anyone else facing the same issue? It’s not like what is used to look before… Can anyone help? I just want to continue writing…

I would definitely submit a ticket.

How do I do that?! :slightly_frowning_face:
It’s really making me sad. Also, in that search for the title of your story to find it. I cant’t find anything in it… image
And my readers are waiting for updates. :neutral_face:

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@Sydney_H @Liz how would you submit a ticket?

You can submit a ticket here :slight_smile:

Idk what’s happening! I’m having a mini-heart attack here! :disappointed:

Alright, thanks! :confused:

Did you have to sign in again? Maybe you signed it with a different email?
I’m so sorry it happen hopefully somehow you can figure it out and get them back.

Thank you for leaving a message, I figured it out <3

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Thank you for the advice, opera browser worked for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I don’t know if it’ll help, but I recently discovered Episode allowed an option for us to hide our stories in the writer portal. In the upper right hand corner of the writer portal you’ll see your character. If you’ve uploaded any backgrounds to Episode recently you may even see a red number above it. If you click it and go to account, theres a tab that says “Story Setting”. I was able to hide two stories of mine that I discontinued, but it may have glitched out and hidden all of your stories or you may have accidently went into it, saw the stories and archived it thinking it did something different than hide it from both you and the readers!

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Thank you for trying to help Carla! Also sorry for the late reply, but thankfully I’m no longer facing this problem anymore! Thank you again for writing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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I have the same problem too, I cannot find my stories either, I just want to carry on creating my characters for my next story so it can be completed sooner than later.
Please help thanks.

Try using a different browser and logging out of all emails before opening the episode webpage… Hope that helps! x

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What about this error?

You’ve probably written the name of the first word of your dialogue in caps, i’ll give you an example…
Let’s say my Character is Jack and I want him to say Hey.
if you write it
it will give you that error.

try writing it

Hope that helps! x