Is anybody else having trouble logging into FB on there Episode account?

Hi for the last week 2 weeks every time I try to logon with my FB account through Episodes I keep getting an ERROR message telling me ”” oops something went wrong please fully exit Episodes and restart your devise and try again” I have tried lots and lots daily but it still says the same thing!! So I was wondering if anyone else had it or if it was just me😞


Have you sent a support ticket?

I’ve had it with my google account last year, I delete the app and downloaded and fixed. Although, I cant say I’m sure it’s gonna work in your case. :confused:

Stay safe :butterfly:
Edit: when I say with my google account I meant that I’m logging in the app with my google account. Sorry for confusion :sweat_smile:

My brother is having trouble with that. Do you know how to fix it?

Moving this to Report a Bug Mobile App. @Susiecharmed I’d recommend letting the support team know about this issue via help ticket. @ellerossette you may need to submit one as well if the issue continues. :smiley:

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Ok thank you!

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