Is anybody interested in this story idea?

Hey everyone- I’m currently four episodes into coding and scripting a story I’ve been planning since September of last year. I’ve lost some motivation recently, so I’m just going to post a quick synopsis of the story. It’s kind of heavy and mature in subject matter, so heads up. It’s not like any of the stories getting featured now on episode, so I’m honestly wondering if this is a story that anyone would be interested in reading!

The title of the story is Over Before You Know It.
It’s about two roommates who go on a road trip to end it all together at the Grand Canyon.
One night, your roommate has confided in you to tell, that now she’s completed her second semester of grad school, she’s ready to kill herself. She has her heart set on leaping from the Grand Canyon, where her cousin once did the same. And so, you and her are off on a 40 hour drive towards a final destination that is increasingly anything but certain, as each hour passes.

As the road trip goes on, you learn more about who your roommate really is, her mental health stability, and what brought her to this point, as well as what she’s held back from you over the course of your friendship. Over time, the suspense goes on from “will you make it to the Grand Canyon before your alibi runs out?” and “will they both really do it?” to “can you save your roommate from what seems like her certain fate?” and “can they truly connect with each other before it’s too late?”

I haven’t seen many stories about mental illness on episode at all, so I don’t have much idea on how much base this kind of story would get. Leave a comment or something if you think I should finish this up and publish it! Thank you dudes :slight_smile:


I’m interested! :slight_smile: You should definitely finish it and I think it would get a lot of positive feedback!

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It sounds like such an interesting story! Please continue writing it, it sounds like it’d be amazing.

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Hey! Nice story idea, i would definitely read it!

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Sounds very intriguing. Please let us know once you publish it :slight_smile:

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This sounds like such an interesting story. I hope you continue writing it!

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Hey, I released over before you know it. You can read it here:
Thank you for your interest!

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Awesome! I’ll read it as soon as I have the time!

Oh my gosh :joy: that’s awesome I’ll definetly read it!

Yay! I will read it when i find some spare time.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: