Is anybody open to creating a front cover for my story?

Do far this is what I have please feel free to ask more questions about it! I would really appreciate it!


I can try :slight_smile:

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Great! Please feel free to be as creative has you want!

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What is the title called?

Forbidden Love. Do you know what it is about?



It is about a girl named, Athega.26%20PM and a guy named Damon 42%20PM Damon is a vampire, and to be honest I have no clue what I want the cover to look like so play around with stuff!

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Ok, can I get the details of the characters?

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Athega has teal hair, side shaved, tanish skin, arched brows and one has a little scar through it, she has deep set almond(ish) down turned eyes, that are dark green; like a forest. She has defined diamond face, she has a pretty common nose, small button. Her lips are a full heart and are usually kind of pinkish, skin toneish.
Damon, has paler skin, kind of a natural pale skin though. straight medium brows with a nick(purposely) taken out of it, he has flipped to the side hair, which is a lighter brown shade. He has sunken eyes, not to deep though. They are a light blue, like the sky. He has a chiseled square jaw, with a little stubble. Kind of a five o’clock shadow. He has a hooked grecian nose, and his lips are more of a medium heart. A little pinker than his skin tone. Let me know if those explanations helped or if you need more! Also I’m just curious, about how long do you think drawling it will take. I’m not rushing I’m just curious!

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Well I am kind of new to this so I would say about 3 or 4 days maybe shorter maybe longer

What is your episode username?

Its just Holly

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I hope you like it!
It might not be good, as I said I am new to digital art

The cover

If you need me to change something… I might make some minor adjustments I am getting a stylus pen soon so I will get better

I love it! There is one small change I would request and if its not possible then thats fine, but I forgot to mention that she has a tattoo on her right arm, 13%20PM she has a flower tattoo, can you see the image?

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