Is anybody willing to share her/his outlines with me?

Do you have some outlines that I could use for practice and requests?
If yes comment them down below and tell me how I should credit you
Love you :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


A few basic ones lol :crazy_face::two_hearts: Just credit me @lilaepi


Uploading: 386B49D6-80F7-46A8-9765-E32A66BE0217.png…]()

Thank you so much can ypu reload the first picture and tell me how I can credit you ?

I have some pretty terrible ones from recent drawings :joy: You can credit me by tagging me @PropertyofNae if you use them. I’m working on some better outlines so I’ll send those soon :two_hearts:

Btw what exactly do you mean by use for requests?