Is anyone able to make me a splash?

i reallyyyy need splashes for turn your volume up and mature themes and language. i will credit you if wanted! just leave you insta.

i can do the splashes!

okay! thank you!

do you want characters on the splashes?

yes please!

skin tone: olive
brows: medium angled
hair and hair color: straight/chestnut
eyes and eye color: upturned bold/green
face: oval
nose: upturned
lip and lip color: full round/terracotta

black dressy crop top
key necklace
black valentine flats
bleached denim jeans

thank you.

is she going to be on both splashes?


okay, i will start working on that right now!

thank you so much!!

do you like this so far or is there something i need to change?

no it is really good!

okay, im working on the other one right now


how does this look?

i love it thank you so much! would you like me to credit you?

yes pls

what is you @ so i can do so

@d.writesss on insta

i will be sure to credit you!

thank you!