Is anyone bored now?


Wanna chat? Do you know any live stream apps I could download. I don’t know I’m bored


I’m bored as well lol


I reply’s to someone’s chat but they never awnsered. And I could read some people’s stories they sent me but…


@RyRydoezepisode @emmazapp Hey! I’m bored too lol :slight_smile:


THeres no one to talk to now there all going to bed


Haha, I feel you. Its like 5 AM where I live lol


It’s dinner time for me lol


Lol it’s 7:14


It’s 10:14pm here


Wow haha the timezones though


Its 8:15 here


@xitlalic.writes @RyRydoezepisode @emmazapp You guys don’t have much hour difference lool. Mine is huge with all of you haha


I live in America and my friends from the UK stop talking to me at 9pm


I should have made this more interesting. I couldn’t come up with anything fun


Haha it’s okay


What do you like better insta or Twitter?


It’s hard for me to choose but I’d say Instagram. It’s a little bit more fun that Twitter in my opinion lol


I think it’s who I follow on twitter. On instagram I follow episode people and sometimes my feed is boring if I don’t really like them. On twitter I follow funny people and I can never catch up with my feed


Y’all should join a contest lol

There are a few going on on this thread, hopefully this helps with your boredom’s lol.


Just a heads up that this topic is borderline spam and we have gotten some flags regarding it. It’s great to see everyone remaining on topic (being bored) and if it helps you uhh…become less bored…feel free to keep contributing here. :thinking::grin::peace_symbol: