Is anyone drawing story covers?

Is anyone willing to draw a cover for my new story? It’s going to be called Finding The Light!

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Free or commissioned ?

Free! Sorry I forgot to mention that lol :sob:

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It’s alright , honestly there aren’t that many free artists but if you give me a moment I’ll link some shops you might be able to request from .

@Evacc here’s some shops that has at least 1 artist that draws in a shop .

Click here

@/Ivy_a from this shop
Jpassen's Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

🍀 The Clover Art Shop 🍀 (OPEN!) (FREE!)

🦋 Mariposa Art Shop 🦋 [FREE] [ OPEN ]

🖤 Fox's ART SHOP 🖤 {OPEN AND ONLINE} - #9 by fox_a.episodewriter

☁️Aviothic Art Shop☁️ [FREE] [CLOSED TEMP.]

🏰 FANTASY ART SHOP 🏰 (Hiring ATM + Free) [OPEN]

:mic_drop: Sweet Songs Art Shop :mic_drop: (OPEN FREE)

🐧 Penguin Art Shop 🐧 (Open and Free)

Line123462's free art shop (Open)

~ Willow Art Shop ~ [ OPEN ] - #18 by Audacious_Writer

Butterfly art shop 🦋 [OPEN FOR REQUESTS] - #11 by Lxyi




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Thank you for mentioning

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