Is anyone else getting this error ? The color of your outfit change in the preview


does anyone else have his outfit change color in the preview ? It’s not all the outfit, just in some scene.
If anyone know what’s going on, please tel me because it’s starting to get on my nerves.:rage:
So if anyone know something please tel me :disappointed_relieved:


I have the same issue with outfits changing color. :unamused:


do you know what’s going on ? :neutral_face:


No, it’s been happening to me for A WHILE and when I say that I mean A WHILE


I think we just have to wait :frowning:


How know maybe someone will tell us what’s going on. Or it’s just a simple bug


Do you mean it is like this in the web previewer? If yes, then it’s been like this for a while (or always I think). Just test it in the app, it should work there :blush: :ok_hand:


thank you


Yeah, I had that happen to me with my ink story. Definitely check the app as well. When I checked my app it made the vharacter walk into the scene nude. I had to change the scene completely for it to work right.