Is anyone else’s portal down?

Just wondering if I’m the only one because I’ll feel a bit more assured if I know that I’m not the only one dealing with this

Everything on the website is working and loading fine (backgrounds, overlays, characters, outfits etc) but the only thing not working is the actual writing portal itself which is annoying because I’ve almost finished a chapter of my story and I want to finish it :unamused:

There’s nothing wrong with my wifi connection because of the fact that everything else works, and every other website I visit loads fine, it’s just the Episode Writer Portal

Also, I’ve tried every browser that I have on my laptop (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer)

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Tbh! same happens to me. your not the only one, sis :blush:! it starts glitching me out while I am working on my story and I loose the part of the script that wasn’t saved…so I get real frustrated. :unamused:

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Glad to hear it’s not only me who’s dealing with this :sweat_smile:

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