Is anyone free to create an Ink Art Scene for me? x

Hello everyone, :wave:t3:

My name is Ariana, I’m starting my first story on Episode- and am very excited about it. I’ve almost completed Chapter One; however I think an art scene would be a really nice way to emphasise the uniqueness of the story, complete the chapter and would hopefully contrast to a great effect with other stories. :heart_eyes:

To conclude, if anyone is free/alright with creating an art scene for me (in the style of Ink) that would be amazing! :revolving_hearts:

Lots of love,
Ari x

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I can make it depending on how many characters there are and the pose.

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Hi, thank you for replying, :wave:t3:

There will only be one character in the scene and she is crying.

Best Wishes.
Ari x

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Oh that’s fine by me I can have it done by today or tomorrow

Here are examples if you wanna see some of my work.


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OMG. You’re work is incredible! And woah you work quickly too. x😍

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Haha thank you and I try my best to :joy::heart:

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I’ll send the details through, if that’s okay with you. x😇

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Seriously, I love you’re work- you are so talented. x💞

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Year ofc that’s great

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Tysm love :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Here, are some of the details. I will edit this comment and keep adding all necessary information required. x


Sienna’s Character Details:

Body: Mocha,
Hair: Messy Back Bun,
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown,
Face Shape: Oval,
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch,
Eyes: Upturned Luxe,
Eye Colour: Black,
Nose: Elven,
Lips: Full Round,
Lip Colour: Mocha,

Sienna’s Outfit Details:

Hoodie: Grey Panel Cropped Hoodie,
Pants: Gray High Waisted Pants,
Shoes: Black Beach Day Skater Shoes.

Hopefully she’ll look like this. Also could the animation please be idle_sad. Moreover, in the story she has just been told that her Grandfather has died and she has a tear running down her cheeks, and her mascara is running. Could you please draw her from the waist up & really capture her pained, motionless expression.

Could the background please be:


I don’t really mind where/at what angle she is standing, but I’d possible maybe give the room an eerie glow. That’s quite random but would look quite artsy.

I think that’s all, thank you!

  • Ari x
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Thank you sm do you want a certain pose that you may have in mind

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Yes please- I’ll add lots more information to the comment above so I won’t spam you with posts. x👌🏼

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Thank you and no worries it’s ok :joy:

Ooh that’s simple lol I was thinking it was gonna be her crying on the floor hiding her face :joy: I’ll get this done immediately

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Lmao. :rofl:

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Thank you! Contact me if you need to ask any questions. x👇🏼

My Instagram is @arianax.episode, I’ll follow you if you have it. x🖤

Thanks again, and have a good day/night. x🤩

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Haha you too

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Hello, x👋🏼

How’s the edit? Do you have any questions? x🙂

Many Thanks,
Ari x

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Hey girl it’s going amazing it’s almost done I just needa do the hair and then I’ll pm it to you :slight_smile:

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