Is anyone good at creating title overlays?

I am currently working on a new story and am in need of a title overlay.
I have absolutely no knowledge of art programs or how to create text overlays that look nice, so I am hoping someone might be able to help.
If you know how I would greatly appreciate the help! :purple_heart:

Maybe I can help?

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I would absolutely love that! Do you have any examples of text overlays you’ve done?

I could help depending on what you need … Do you need them to be transparent, like this

Ellis Foster

or do you need them to be over some background, like this

Hey! is an amazing site for text overlays. Check it out!

Here’s the one I used for my story.

I can brew something for you if you don’t need something super complex.

Titles I made for my covers:



Heyy. I’m also writing a new story and would love a title overlay. If you don’t mind can you help me with one also ?? :brown_heart:

I don’t mind!

Here are text overlays I’ve made.


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uhmm i will love one too
wats your ig name


Are these free?