Is anyone having animation problems?

I had animation problems like in December then just like January 5th ish it was fixed and now I’m having problems again with the talk_unsure animation in INK . Is anyone else having this problem too or have any information when episode will fix this ?

Is the animation still working fine to your character? But you still have warning?

It is supposed to work fine for my character because I write in INK and I believe their isn’t a choice for different body sizes and I keep getting an error and I believe I am writing it correctly too .

I think that’s just a bug. I got the same error with idle_armcrossed_unimpressed_loop animation. Episode hasn’t repair this bug for a long time, it’s a bit annoying to have the warning sign, but a good news is, you still able to publish your work even with this error.
Just continue with the story, then publish it. If you can’t because of that error, then you can contact them for this matters.

Yea ik that’s it a bug but I thought episode would have fixed it right now cause recently I believe they had an update and it worked then but then it just isn’t working . I can’t really submit a ticket tho about animations for now . Are you sure I can still publish a story even thou it shows error ?

Sometimes my characters will be displayed as idle when I’ve given them an action for no reason. Come on, Timmy, you’re supposed to be idle_worried_loop, not idle_loop!

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Look, this is mine :joy:
They all have warning because of that animation. But fortunately yeah I still can publish it
It’s irritating to see :upside_down_face:

Oh so that’s what that side thing means , yea I have it on mine . I thought it was cuz I have a weird scene right now and need to finish cuz all of a sudden I have a idea and just yk write whatever my idea is on their