Is anyone here good at maths

im letting my readers take a quiz on pythagoras theorem, and one of the questions is this
but i dont even know the answer to that question. would that b a right triangle?

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I think it depends on the length of the third side :thinking:

i got this from a quiz thing, it onyl said two. id di change the numbers tho

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Hm… :see_no_evil:

You could either add another side to the question or an angle to make it solvable :relaxed:

what angle should i put? im terrible at maths lol

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Oki, that’s an answer too :wink: (and I can’t seem to make a normal reply)

You’re not dumb at all :dizzy:


ohmygod im sososososo dumb

i didnt write down the answers to all 6 of the math questions so i didnt know the answer to this one, not knowing the answer is that there is no answer! u cant tell. arghhh :roll_eyes:


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