Is anyone in need of a co-author, LL, Romantic/Fantasy

Hi, I am looking for someone who is willing to do the coding, bounce ideas off of, and help write a story with me. I have a few plots in mind am willing to write stories fro any plots you may have come up with. Open to discuss.

Hello , I’m a new writer
Maybe I can help you .

Do you know how to code @Cloee.y

hi there

im a new writer to the channel.

i just cant code

let me know

I am also a new writer, but if your ok with it, when I find someone who can code all three of us could work together.

sure no problem :slight_smile:

I think we can become partners ( 3 of us )
What do you think @Slaya2020 @Thorn1

I know the basics
For example , transition , zooms ( still learning) , animations , outfits , props , overlays (. Not that familiar but I know the basics ) , sound , text effect , zones …

Great !
I think we could work together.
We can actually communicate using Instagram or WhatsApp.
I’m fine with both of them :blush:
Think about it :wink:

That sounds great. I have WhatsApp and Instagram. What do you think @Slaya2020

i agree :slight_smile:

i see @Cloee.y knows quite a bit :slight_smile: , i’m more of a writer , so not so familiar with all of the other add ons to the gaming project , but hoping to learn as i go along

Well I have both too

Perhaps using WhatsApp is better.

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Or we add each other as friends first in insta

I think WhatsApp would be the best option

@Cloee.y @Slaya2020 what is your info, I can create a group chat on WhatsApp

are you on instagram as well ?

Maybe we should chat using WhatsApp or insta

Have you created the group in WhatsApp or insta?
Let’s communicate using WhatsApp or ig

Not yet are you in the US, I have to put that in when I create the chat