Is anyone interested in a group ideas session?

I was wondering if anyone would want to create a group of writers that help each other out and bounce ideas off of each other. This group could talk about episode writing, issues, pet peeves, overlay creation… etc. This would also help new writers connect with more experienced ones to answer any problems they may be receiving. Comment bellow if you think you’d be interested!


sounds fun :+1:

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That can help me so much because I could never finish my story at all

Ooo this sounds interesting! I’d be glad to help people with coding!

I feel like as long as it is appropriate- because I try to stay away from the inappropriate side of Episode. :grinning::+1:

But I’d like to see this done and be in this group! I love talking about writing and learning more as people can always get better.

@Mimibrix sounds good and fun

Count me in!

If you need any help on that send me a pm! :blush:

Yess I need so such help with ideas

That sounds great! I could really use some help on my story as well! :sweat_smile:

that sounds so useful!!
Id love to join!