😎 Is anyone interested in being my narrator? 😎

I feel like to help my story I need some narration, and I’m hopeless so maybe is someone was instructed you could help me out

Story description

Prom should be every girl’s dream right? Well in a crazy turn of events it becomes Daisy’s worst nightmare that she can’t seem to escape. Will Hudson be able to help her cope with all this drama or will he be engulfed by it too. Full CC and choices

Obviously you will get credit :heart::heart:


I’m still writing my entry for the reveal contest, but after that, i might be interested!

ooo okk

What do u need help with?

im my story I don’t have any narration because im not sure exactly how to do it

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You just put the Narrator is to describe things or certain details.

Whatever you wanna say.

or if it’s a person describing something you put

He looked into my eyes.

For example.

oh no I know how to do the coding but like when I do scenes like the Narr talking and like describing the scene from the narrs point of view if that makes sense

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i’m interested :two_hearts:

can I PM u?

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sure :two_hearts: