Is Anyone Interested In Being The Art Scene Artist For My Story?

Is anyone interested in being the Art Scene Artist for my story (For free)?


The Young Actress



What will happen after 16-year-old Emma gives birth to newborn twins Isabella and Hope, will she find True Love and happiness??



And if you require a certain level of Story quality, please let me know…

I would do it, but…

You see, the story needs more. It needs a better story line and a twist, with romance and sadness. I would do it, but first it needs a more intriguing cover and a better story line. When making a story, you need to think it through more and get into your notes & write what each epsiode is about in a nutshell.

I can send you the link, I just covered the basics in this thread.

A link to what?

The story, after reading the first three episodes (If you want) You can decide.

Yes please, that would be amazing.

Here you go:

And btw, there is both romance and sadness in this, I recently revamped. I could show you a screenshot of one of the episodes, if your still not sure. I have it on my phone.

Okay, there’s a few things wrong with this so far.

  1. Spelling issues. There’s a lot of spelling mistakes that I can spot. I remember one which was “nervous”. You spelt it as something like “Nrvrous”.

  2. The characters are placed and animated the same way every scene. For instance, at the ending of one scene a girl is smiling and at the right screen. Next scene she’s in the exact same position with the same animation.

  3. The story line of them meeting again needs something more. Long lost friends meet everyday, so why is this one so special?

  4. Ah, everyone knows this step. With every story that’s romantic and steamy, comes the hot af boys. You need to make sure the boy is pretty hot and attracts girls if it’s gonna be one of those stories. Or, you should give the reader the option to create the main characters.

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So, you’re saying that despite working on & editing their looks for days, and spending hours coding and previewing, I probably didn’t do good?

P.S. This is my first story, it’s NOT going to be perfect.

No, I didn’t say that. Making characters takes minutes, seconds even. I’m just saying you could give the reader an option to create their character.

And you’ve done well, it’s just that when making your first story you got to realise that yes it won’t be perfect, but it’s gotta be top notch if you want it to be out there. I’m just saying there’s a few mistakes, that’s all.

I made it so Emma isn’t customizable because of Art Scenes like this one:

And sorry for jumping to conclustions, it’s just… The little self-cofedince I have I have BECAUSE of this story.

It’s fine that you did it like that with the art scenes, but it’s the same with other stories. But It’s the choice of the reader whether to change them or not. In different stories the authors always say “Do you want to change (name)? Be warned that there are art scenes of the original character!”

I’ve been working towards this for a year, I’m not gonna change whether or not Emma’s customizable now.

Sorry if that seems rude

It’s fine.

Anyways, in conclusion I have decided to not do your art scenes. I am looking for story writers that are fully aware of all the needs to the story and how to professional get their story running. I’m not saying you aren’t like them, I’m just saying that I need more professional and easy-going story writers.

Anyways, thanks in advance!