Is anyone intrested in making a cover for my new story?


Here is a brief idea of what the story is going to be about.

A group of hikers stoumble on a cave and in the cave they find a girl passed out covered in ice crystals. they set up base in the cave and warm her up at a made
fire. they start asking questions and she has no clue who they are or who she even is. as they ask questions she looks shocked and stops breathing and stares at nothing in front
of her. she is like this for about ten seconds. she then stops catches her breath and the people start asking questions. she tells them it was a vision and she
remembered a few things. she remembered her name she tells them. and she also remembered stones. colorful crystals all in a circle each glowing. and full with a strong power.
a power she could not put her finger on. she was unsure of what the power was. then she askes how she was found. the people answer and she acts suprised. then focuses on the thought of ice.
ice then starts to rest above her hand and suprise not only herself but the people around her. she closes her eyes and thinks of a butterfly and suddenly a buetiful ice butterfly apears in her hand
she opens her eyes and looks at her creation and it flys off. once it exits the cave into the warmth of the night it melts. everyone looks at eachother and is lost in words. the girl
starts to piece things together and speakes. she says “I am an Ice mage” she stands up and a crystal falls out of her pocket. she pickes it up to inspect it and sees it looks like a shard
of ice. she sences the power coming from it and relizes it is not ordinary power rather magic was one she saw in her vision. “I need to return these to the circle” she said

the stones she saw in her vision are stones of each magic. each magic has only one user. she is the only ice mage there are no others. same goes for the rest of types of magic. the magic in
the world is not balanced. each cyristal has a carrier she is the ice cystal carrier. her life form is attached to the crystal. hence why she can use her cystals same magic. she is an
embodyment each cystal has a carrier who acts as an embodyment to the cystals magic. they were split apart from an unbalence in magic. hence why they are no longer in the circle. she feels she
needs to return them all to the circle so she goes on adventures to find and retrieve each cystal and its carrier. once returned the crystals will glow and the people will disipate into thin air
once that happens they will go into their crystal and the crystals will glow even more and magic balance will be restored.

I can. If you choose me to do it (no pressure) request here if you want

I would love to! My groups would!


or I recommend


These are great groups. They are all really supportive of each other. You can request from any of us.


aw thx :smile:


I was just looking at some of your covers lol you do a really good job.

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@Spade.02 Hey can you tell the rest of us who you picked to do your cover so the rest of us don’t sit around waiting? Thanks! (sorry if that sounds a tad rude)

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I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking. I was going to have @MadisonW do it.

Ok! Thanks for telling me.

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hey is this person still in episode gold?

ok just wondering