Is anyone looking for someone to hire?

Hey! :relaxed: I’m an editor and I’m really bored right now (I’m actually always bored…), so I’m looking for an art shop to join! I’m can make covers (Ink & Limelight), splashes (without characters & with characters, Ink & Limelight), backgrounds, custom poses (Ink & Limelight), character sheet (Ink & Limelight) and pfp (Ink & Limelight).

Here are some examples of my work:



Awesome examples! :star_struck:

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Thanks! :blush:

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Hello @v.h_episode we are looking for a limelight and ink editor to join us at epyxmagic. No episode IG is required as we mainly communicate through the forums. If interested, can let us know. If not, that’s alright :heart:

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