Is anyone online?

I need someone to chat… Anyone who’s online?



Hey sofia


Heyaa gurll how are ya? :joy:

I am good :+1: and you?

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Oh good, I’m uhhh okay I am just exhausted from school :sob:
I literally stayed up till like 4am :joy:

Yeah… I know school is so tiresome… :disappointed_relieved:

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Which grade are you? :thinking:

I am much older… I am in college doing my last education :yum:

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OhhHhhh lucky you :joy::sleepy:

I was not lucky much… I remember my old memories… I used to get scolded for not doing my homework and got beaten by flip flops :yum::blush::smile:

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Looooooollll :joy::joy::joy:
Actually same I don’t do homework

:smile: Now I get assignments… :disappointed_relieved::persevere: Very boring

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Oooof I have tests almost every single day :sleepy::sneezing_face:

:disappointed_relieved: I hate test…

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…me too :sob:

Schools are still cool compared to colleges…

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Well, yeah :joy:

In colleges… We feel more and more occupied…
So what are your hobbies?

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Uhm I love playing piano, singing, dancing and swimming :notes::joy: