Is anyone really good at advance directing? i need help


i need help on advance directing ,
1)is it possible to make a char do a animation as a over is coming on screen etc. or moving if so how.
2) if you have any tips or tricks please let m know!.

thank you <3


For 1, are you asking if you can make a character do an animation while an overlay is moving on the screen. If so, yes you can. You just use a series of & symbols to allow multiple things to run at the same time.

INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to 1.000 100 100
&CHARACTER stands screen center and CHARACTER is jump_hop
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 100 225


I think Purple_Ghost’s already answered the first question so I’m going to jump straight to the second.

  • If you haven’t already start by looking at the guides in the writers portal. They’re covering the basics as well as doing a run down of the advanced directing techniques you have to work with, I’ve also heard of guides on YouTube and -of course- you have this forum.

  • Experiment. lay around with the SC until “you’ve cracked the code” so to speak. The more you work with it, the easier it’ll become. Start small and build it up. Once you’ve gotten one thing down, you move on to the next. Don’t bite on to much so it only ends up becoming frustrating. Coding’s supposed to be fun.

  • Don’t rush to publish. I know your fingers itching to press that “publish” button, but once you do - as of the moment there’s no way to remove a published story - you can’t go back, so make sure you’re satisfied with what you’ve gotten together.

Good luck.



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