Is anyone willing to be my personal art scene artist? (if that even made sense.)


Is anyone willing to making realistic art scenes for me while I make my story?
My story is in Ink.
If you can’t…
Can someone make me an art scene? (not during I make my story just 1.)


I’ve linked all the shops I could find, but some don’t have any shops open but are still willing to help.


@SinaoMua Natalia’s Cover Shop
@MalukahEpisode Starlight’s Request Thread
@_Nasia Naisa‘s Outline Thread
@kewpieKewpie’s pfp Thread
@AlexVale1 Alex’s Free Covers/ Edits
@epsd.ama Circe’s Request Thread
@MadisonW Madison W’s Art Shop 2.0
@Itz_Madison Itz Madison’s Art Request Thread
@Raybadem Greek Gods’s Official Request Thread
@Rylie Ryle’s Graphic Shop
@Turtle_Cat Turtle Cat’s Art Thread
@Sophbee Sophbee’s Art Thread
@Queen_K Creating Magic Art Thread


Let me know if you want me to add you to my list of tags!
Don’t steal my list of tags


I am not sure if my style is very realistic.


Totally open! @alexb



And were about to close once we get 5 more request since we have about 15 request to do


Ah ok. Pm me once that happens so I can take you guys off


This is my realistic art. Pm if u want smthg like tjis


This is sooooo good!


Hey this is great! Can you make art scenes too?


That was an art scene. But I don’t take request anymore.


What I meant was my art scenes sorry. It’s fine.