Is anyone willing to be my writing partner?

Is anyone willing to be my writing partner? I already have a story planned and it’s going to be in ink, I need help with planning the story and a little help with dialogue and narration and a little coding. If your interested let me know, thanks :blush::sparkles:

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i’m interested


if you have insta dm @rose.writes_1207


thank you I will follow and dm you :blush:

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hi there ,

if u like , i too could join up with team on your project.

are u on IG ?

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yes, my insta is @hannah._stories

hi there

request sent on IG

also i cant code :pensive:

i’m more of a writer

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Hi :raising_hand_woman:
I’m interested.

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message me on instagram

whats your insta?

My insta handle : anustories

hi there , phone just on charge at the moment. will send u a bit later today.