Is anyone willing to create an ash and some cuts/scar overlays?

If you can only do one of those it’s fine!

Danielle I found this? If this is the type of ash you were asking for

I can’t find the picture now. But there was a picture on Instagram my friend showed me. Where some girls with white dresses(this was a screenshot from a story) were on like a wooden thing and there dresses had ashes all over the bottom.

I’m hoping you could make something of that sort.

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Are you talking about girls being on stakes and like ashes from a fire?

Well I have this if you wanna use it :sweat_smile:


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I need ashes that I can put like on clothes to look like they have been in a fire.

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Dangit. Sorry I couldn’t help :confused:

I can’t find the picture on Instagram. But there are 3 girls tied to a piece of wood. With fire on the bottom.